• Use repellent every 3-4 hours (the best repellent does not last longer than that), Icaridin based repellents last longer than DEET ones and they are also less toxic.
  • Install a bed net since you cannot be aware of mosquitoes while sleeping. Control the net carefully  before every use, mosquitoes can hide inside, waiting for you…
  • Use a plug in mosquito repellent during the night. Many people are wondering if it works or not; if it is toxic or not; we think it is worth using because sleeping time is the period we are more vulnerable to mosquitoes.
  • If you have air conditioner, use it. Mosquitoes do not like cold or dry environment. Moreover, if you use the air conditioner, closed windows will avoid mosquitoes from entering the room.
  • If you have plants, put some copper coins in every vase or flower pot where the water accumulates. Mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs, copper coins will kill all the larvae hatched form laid eggs.

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